TRUMP: After New York, NOBODY Can Catch Up With Us!


TRUMP: After New York, NOBODY Can Catch Up With Us!

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Source: Over half the votes…that is in any language what you could call a first class ass whipping.

Donald Trump scored an overwhelming victory in Tuesday’s New York primary and is poised to claim the vast majority of his home state’s 95 delegates.

With typical Trump bravado, the Queens-born billionaire declared the Republican presidential race mathematically over.

From The Hill:

Donald Trump basked in his New York primary victory from Trump Tower on Tuesday night, declaring that the GOP nominating process is all but over.

“We don’t have much of a race anymore,” Trump said. Sen. Cruz is just about mathematically eliminated.”

Trump is poised to take a strong majority of New York’s 95 delegates on Tuesday night.

Ted Cruz is facing a third-place finish and possibly getting shut out, which will bring him close to being mathematically eliminated from winning the nomination outright. Still, Cruz will soldier on, hoping to block Trump from the 1,237 delegates he needs to avoid a contested convention.

“We’ve won millions more votes than Sen. Cruz, millions and millions more than Gov. [John] Kasich,” Trump said. “We’re really, really rocking and we expect we’ll have an amazing number of weeks.”

For Trump, Tuesday’s victory ends several weeks of losses to Cruz at conventions in states including Colorado and Wyoming.

Trump has been the only candidate since March with a traditional path to winning an outright majority of 1,237 pledged delegates before the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

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