VIDEO: Meryl Streep’s UNBELIEVABLE Hypocrisy Revealed!


VIDEO: Meryl Streep’s UNBELIEVABLE Hypocrisy Revealed!

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Apparently, the Golden Globes were last night.

I think that’s an awards show or something where celebrities get together and congratulate themselves on being so much smarter and richer than everyone else.

Today, I haven’t really seen much news about who won those awards but I did see that Meryl Streep showed up and thoroughly embarrassed herself on stage.

You want to know why Donald Trump is president?

Check out this little 5 minute anti-Trump rant that Streep thought America wanted to hear…


Have you ever seen a more arrogant and unintelligent display in your life?

For the record, Trump didn’t mock anyone’s disability.

Regardless, the recent election proved that it’s the celebrities who are on the wrong page.  They are the ones who are out of touch.

Let’s also not forget about this moment in 2003 that Meryl Streep must think we forgot about.

From IJ Review:

In the above video, Streep and her cadre of “vilified” Hollywood peers can be seen applauding for Roman Polanski — a man who fled the U.S. to avoid prosecution for charges of raping a 13-year-old girl.

And Streep didn’t just applaud Polanski in 2003 — she gave him a standing ovation:

That’s weird…

Totally cool to praise a guy who is very likely a child rapist.

But Trump gets a five-minute lecture.

Little bit of a double standard there Meryl.

Maybe just stick to acting?

Clearly, politics isn’t your thing.

What do you think?