BREAKING: Plan Introduced To Determine Trump’s Fitness And Overturn His Presidency


BREAKING: Plan Introduced To Determine Trump’s Fitness And Overturn His Presidency

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Liberals will stop at nothing to get rid of Donald Trump.

Even if that means changing the Constitution.

We told you a little while back about a crackpot from Oregon named Earl Blumenauer who somehow got elected to Congress and was threatening to introduce a bill to “update” the 25th Amendment to make it so former presidents could label Trump mentally unfit to be president.

Then, they could get rid of him.


That bill has been introduced.

From The Hill:

A House Democrat has introduced legislation to enhance the Constitution’s presidential removal procedures in response to concerns about President Trump’s behavior.

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) filed the bill during the House’s two-week April recess to empower former presidents and vice presidents of both parties, in coordination with the sitting vice president, to determine if a president is fit for office.

Here’s more…

From Conservative Tribune:

The bill would clarify (read: “alter”) the 25th Amendment, which deals with presidential succession.

The amendment says that if the president is unable to carry out his duties, the vice president and a majority of the cabinet could remove him. However, that’s not good enough for Blumenauer.

This guy is a total nutjob…

“Because the cabinet can be fired by the president, there is a natural bias that would make them reluctant to acknowledge the president’s inability to serve.

It’s time to revisit and strengthen the Amendment and make sure there is a reliable mechanism in place if the president becomes unable to discharge the powers and duties of office,” Blumenauer said.

In other words, Blumenauer would rather have Donald Trump’s ability to remain in office decided by a panel that includes Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, Joe Biden, Walter Mondale, and two members of the Bush family (a clan not known for its warm relations with the Trump team), instead of the constitutionally mandated process by which the cabinet and vice president make that decision, even though the current process has never caused even a hint of a problem for the nation.

This isn’t going anywhere especially in a Republican-controlled Congress but it’s a solid reminder that the liberal left is not only unhinged but some liberals in D.C. don’t even seem capable of doing their jobs.

This bill needs to be laughed at and dismissed immediately.

Just do your job liberals.

The election is over.

What do you think?