FBI Should Be Arrested For Spying On Trump, Here’s How They Did It!


FBI Should Be Arrested For Spying On Trump, Here’s How They Did It!

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The FBI has admitted to wiretapping President Trump’s campaign.

But how did they get a warrant to spy on Trump?

They used the highly discredited Russian Dossier.

The packet had all types of allegations, including one that accused Trump of hiring prostitutes to pee on him.

The packet was entirely discredited.

It was fake news and even CNN was willing to admit it was fake news.

“The dossier has also been cited by FBI Director James Comey in some of his briefings to members of Congress in recent weeks, as one of the sources of information the bureau has used to bolster its investigation, according to US officials briefed on the probe,” wrote CNN.

This allowed FISA to secretly monitor communications of Trump’s campaign advisor on national security Carter Page.

However, despite using the dossier as an excuse to monitor Trump, James Comey announced that he is trying to distance himself from the dossier.

Page responded to this news.

“I look forward to the Privacy Act of 1974 lawsuit that I plan to file in response to the civil rights violations by Obama administration appointees last year,” Page told CNN.

“The discovery process will be of great value to the United States, as our nation hears testimony from them under oath, and we receive disclosure of the documents which show what exactly was done in 2016,” said Page.

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