Trump STUNNINGLY Gets China To Back Him


Trump STUNNINGLY Gets China To Back Him

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Barack Obama got played by every single foreign leader he negotiated with.

The liberal media narrative never exposed this fact, but after 100 days with Trump, with a strong leader in charge, it is clear to all.

Trump talked tough on China trade – which is a negotiating tactic liberal media – but kept open doors for cooperation in other areas, like North Korea.

People forget about his Taiwan phone call too.

It was all an effort to set the table for what is most important.

Getting rid of the North Korea threat.

We can deal with trade later, or unilaterally move by imposing a tariff, so this is just a genius move by Trump.

Because after Trump gave them the carrot or the stick choice they are finally serious about getting North Korea in line.


CNN is reporting a massive shift in China, North Korea relations.

They claim that China is getting fed up with long-time ally North Korea and is moving closer toward the United States.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said Beijing was “gravely concerned about North Korea’s recent nuclear and missile activities.Lu Kang then went on to praise the US saying

Lu Kang then went on to praise the US.

“American officials did make some positive and constructive remarks… such as using whatever peaceful means possible to resolve the (Korean) Peninsula nuclear issue.

This represents a general direction that we believe is correct and should be adhered to,” Lu said.

He went on to say, “we maintain close contacts with the US on the current situation.”

Experts agree China wants to prevent North Korea from becoming a full-fledged nuclear power – and Lu’s language on North Korea’s nuclear program was just devastating and signals the end is near.

“China’s position on opposing a nuclear-capable North Korea is firm, clear and consistent,” Lu said.

This is good news and shows you how little the Chinese respected Obama.

Barack was weak and every other country took advantage of him.

No longer.

God Bless President Trump.

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