Andrea Tantaros’ New Mission: Destroy This Liberal News Anchor


Andrea Tantaros’ New Mission: Destroy This Liberal News Anchor

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The once beloved Fox News anchor Andrea Tantaros has been gone ever since her harrassment issues with Fox News.

Now she is back, and out for blood. But this time it is not with Fox.

She is suing liberal journalist Nomiki Konst for defamation.

Nomiki Konst works for liberal groups such as The Young Turks, and has occasionally been on Fox News.

Konst recently wrote a tweet about a supposed altercation between her, Bill O’Reilly and Andrea Tantaros.

“Remember that time Bill O’Reilly kicked me off a weekly spot on his show after Andrea Tantaros physically attacked me & threatened me? I do!” wrote Konst.

However, according to Tantaros, nothing like this has ever happened.

Tantaros created a lawsuit for defamation. She is also suing Fox News public relations executive Irena Briganti. got information about why.

Tantaros alleges that Briganti directed Konst to write the tweet to make her look bad before her “imminent Lawsuite against Peter A. Snyder. Peter A. Snyder was behind a “Disgraceful social media campaign for Fox News against Tantaros”.

Briganti denies this allegation.

“I had nothing whatsoever to do with Ms. Konst’s decision to publish a tweet about her views on Bill O’Reilly, in which she mentioned Andrea Tantaros.

I have never even met or spoken with Ms. Konst,” he wrote.

Do you think Tantaros is doing something good, or has she just fallen in love with lawsuits.

What do you think?