You Won’t Believe What Chicago’s Mayor Just Allowed Illegal Immigrants To Do!


You Won’t Believe What Chicago’s Mayor Just Allowed Illegal Immigrants To Do!

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Chicago Rahm Emmanuel has been a blatant radical liberal for years with his variety of ridiculous actions, but his most recent is the biggest abuse of power a mayor has ever taken in this country.

Rahm Emmanuel just allowed illegal aliens to get government ID’s in Chicago.

President Trump pointed out the difference in the numbers with the popular vote for Hillary being attributed to illegal immigrants voting for her and it is always the Democrats that are trying to get illegal aliens ID’s.

Hmmm … it would never be so that they can try and gain millions of votes.

The Democrats would never do something that crooked …

According to the Daily Wire:

At the urging of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who stated that the city council had “a moral obligation” to provide these IDs to bring people “out of the shadows.”

“We are a welcoming city,” Emanuel said. 

“Everybody in this chamber has, one time or another, talked about taking people out of the shadows into the daylight to help them.”

Emanuel also argued that it was necessary to help illegal immigrants feel protected, especially after a DREAMer was recently deported.

He said that any information collected on illegal immigrants through the issuing of IDs will be expunged so the federal government won’t be able to obtain it

Rahm Emmanuel not only is allowing Illegal Immigrants to have government ID’s but he is also making it impossible for the federal government to do it’s job and deport illegal immigrants by deleting all of the information from these illegal immigrants.

Rahm Emmanuel has truly lost his mind.

President Trump will not let this stand for long.

A mayor doesn’t mean anything compared to the President and Rahm Emmanuel just painted a target on his back.

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