Teacher Wearing Anti-Trump Jacket Should Be FIRED


Teacher Wearing Anti-Trump Jacket Should Be FIRED

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On social media you often can see liberals talking about “not normalizing” supposedly bad behavior of President Donald Trump.

Yet, it is liberals who seem to think their angst over Trump normalizes or justifies any crazy thing they do in response.

So it’s cool for musicians to pretend to shoot Trump on their videos or talk about how they dream of blowing up the White House. It’s cool for Hollywood stars to agitate for the overthrow of a duly elected president because they don’t like him. It’s even cool for a presidential candidate to call Republicans the “enemy she’s proudest of having made” and to call the supporters of her opponent “deplorable”.

So art teacher Cheryl Judy likely thought there was no problem with what she did in front of her students in her classroom.

From The Blaze:

The art teacher for Sherman Junior and Senior high schools in Seth, West Virginia, told the Charleston Gazette-Mail that she pinned a certain patch to the back of her jacket last Thursday afternoon.

Thing is, her patch reads “TUCK FRUMP,” with the “F” in “FRUMP” and the “UCK” in “TUCK” highlighted in white. What’s more, Judy told the paper she pinned the patch on her jacket while in a classroom with high school students who were doing artwork. Then a photo of her wearing the jacket in the classroom hit social media.

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She said she thought it was a good time to pin the patch on during her planning period when the students were working. But that wasn’t all.

Judy told the paper she showed the finished product to the students — between six and eight total — but only to make sure the patch was on straight. Besides, she told the Gazette-Mail, the students in the classroom were “like-minded.”

“We had discussed this kind of stuff before,” Judy told the paper. “They were not offended by it. It doesn’t really have anything inappropriate on it unless you read it the wrong way.”

One of the students snapped the picture, put it on her Snapchat and it went viral.

Judy’s been a teacher for 23 years, 13 of them in that country and she doesn’t know that you don’t wear things that suggest swear words, let alone political things, at a school as a teacher. Heck, a kid would be sent out of class had he/she worn such a jacket.

But now here is a teacher, not only wearing it, but showing it to the students, endorsing and normalizing the sentiment to the students. But remember, it’s ok because after all, “We’ve discussed this kind of stuff before.” Exactly. And that’s the problem.

Judy, however, told the paper she actually wore her “TUCK FRUMP” jacket to the school board meeting Thursday evening and “nothing was said about it … that it was inappropriate or anything.”

Superintendent Jeff Huffman told WSAZ a full investigation will commence next week — the school is on spring break this week.

Once again, her wearing it to the meeting was inappropriate, but she doesn’t seem to get it. Perhaps the board didn’t get it either if they said nothing.

The superintendent said the school expected professionalism in demeanor and appearance.

Judy said that she was a “very liberal person” but that she didn’t “push her liberalism” on anyone.

But her own words reveal that really isn’t true. She doesn’t even get why what she did is inappropriate.

One has to wonder how many students she may have influenced over the years…

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