You Won’t Believe What This Sanctuary City Mayor Has To Say After Illegal Murders Woman!


You Won’t Believe What This Sanctuary City Mayor Has To Say After Illegal Murders Woman!

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There’s no greater shame in America right now than the existence of so-called “sanctuary cities.” These dens of criminality give illegal aliens from Latin America a blank check to carry out obscene and grotesque acts of violence and intimidation.

To nobody’s surprise, a 29-year-old immigrant named Bulmaro Mejia-Maya raped and murdered a 33-year-old American woman named Tiffany Thrasher. Instead of revisiting their immigration policies, the Illinois city of Schaumburg put out PSAs about how to properly lock doors, close windows, and use peepholes for protection. (via CBS)

Calling the rape “random,” police officers essentially put blame on Thrasher for not securing the window that the Mexican rapist used to break into her apartment. Wow!

By all accounts, Thrasher was a loving, caring, compassionate soul who sung in the choir at Living Hope Church, in the nearby town of Elk Grove.

Mejia-Maya is a construction worker of “unclear” immigration status who fled to Florida after committing a heinous crime. (via ABC Chicago)

The Thrasher family has set up a GoFundMe page to help support memorial services for Tiffany. As of this writing, the donations stand at $11,445, which far exceeds the original goal of $9,500. (via GoFundMe)

Sanctuary cities are plagued with liberals, and they experience a higher rate of crime than their non-sanctuary counterparts. What a surprise!

The mainstream media loves to hide statistics. Almost two thousand murders occur annually in sanctuary cities, as compared to the annual murder rate of less than one thousand in non-sanctuary cities. (via Zero Hedge)

Many sanctuary cities, including Chicago and Philadelphia, already have plenty of crime on their streets with their native-born populations. Thanks to Donald Trump, these cities won’t be able to hide these facts for long.

Although it seems to be confusing to liberals, the mass importation of individuals without proper security checks is a recipe for crime, violence, and bad behavior, but the mainstream media and their globalist cohorts would have you think otherwise.

Furthermore, most illegal immigrants in the U.S. come from Mexico and Central America. According to Verisk Maplecroft’s list of the thirteen most dangerous countries in the world, six can be found South of the American border. (via The Independent)

MS-13, the largest street gang in the U.S., has exploded in size and reach thanks to the disastrous immigration policies of Barack Obama. Tucker Carlson is right: in America right now, MS-13 is a far greater threat than ISIS. (via Fox News)

Unless we want more dead bodies, more sexual assault victims, and more crime overall, we need to get serious about our immigration policies. We need to build that wall, and thankfully, Donald Trump is the man for the job.

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